dimanche 5 décembre 2010

mc fadden & whitehead i heard it in a love song(1980)


the live band "a chance for hope" (1982)cd

eugene record welcome to my fantasy (1979)cd

vraie cover et vraie cd pas de vinyle

Bloodstone - We Go A Long Way Back (1982) CD

la barry attitude

charles drain dependable (1976)cd

la barry attitude

the brief encounter brief encounter (1970)cd


the joneses our love song (2005)cd


the joneses baby there is nothing you can do (91)

exellent excellent excellent cd

the joneses the joneses (1977)cd

the joneses keepin up with the joneses (1974)cd


tyrone davis turn back the hands of time (1979)cd


first class going first class +bonus (1976)cd

voila ce que ses des cd pas de la merde hahahahaha

gwen mc crae +on my way (1981+1982)cd

en cd bien sur