lundi 2 février 2009

chanson together we stand (1979)

chanson chanson (1978)

r.b.hudmon closer to you (1978) cd

linda evans you control me (1979)

merçi a leila

the dynamic superiors follow me (1978) tres rare

milles merçi mlle leila

the dynamic superiors superiors

un tres grand merçi a mll.leila qui sort de lombre leila

the dynamic superiors pure plesure (1975)

un grand merçi a leila

rawls and luckett you're the one (1985) cd

midnight star (promo in los angeles angeles (1983)

ullanda mc cullough watching you watching me (1982)

ullanda mc cullough (1981)

merçi isaac

ullanda mc cullough love zone (1979)

merçi a isaac

wild cherry i love my music (1978)

merçie williams

randy brown check it out (1981)tres rare

sister sledge betcha say that to all the girls (1983)cd

sister sledge the sister (1982)cd

sister sledge all american girls (1981)cd

sister sledge love somebody today (1980)cd

sister sledge we are family (1979)cd

sister sledge circle of love (1975)cd