lundi 1 décembre 2008

soul survivors (1974)

dayton this time (1985)

dayton feel the music (1983)

dayton cutie pie (1981)

dayton dayton (1980)

dayton hot fun (1982)

michael wycoff on the line (1983)

michael wycoff love conquers all (1982)

michael wycoff come to my world (1980)

change the glow of love (1980)

change miracles (1981)

change sharing your love (1982)

change this is your time (1983)

change change of heart (1984)

change turn on your radio (1985)

ace spectrum low rent rendez vous (1974)

ace spectrum just like in the movies (1976)

ace spectrum inner spectrum (1974)

geraldine hunt no way (1980)

france joli attitude (1983)

france joli greatest hits

france joli now! (1982)

france joli tonight (1979)

france joli france joli (1979)

yvonne elliman night flight (1978)

yvonne elliman love me (1977)

gayle adams love fever (1982)

gayle adams gayle adams (1980)

evelyn king a long time coming (1985)

evelyn king so romantic (1984)

evelyn king face to face (1983)

evelyn king get loose (1982)

evelyn king i'm in love (1981)

evelyn king call on me (1980)

evelyn king music box (1979)

evelyn king smooth talk (1977)