samedi 3 octobre 2009

beau williams they need to know (1996) pas male

beau williams power (1994) pas male

beau williams love (1992) pas male

beau williams higher (1990) pas mal

beau williams wonderful (1989) super


mr:barry white two lovers point (1990)

pas connue

bob bailey looking forward (1981)terible

l.v.johnson i'got the touch (1992)magnifique

l.v.johnson unclassified ((1992) magnifique

l.v.johnson cold & mean (1989)magnifique

l.v.johnson all night party (1986)

trés grosse bombe

l.v.johnson we belong together (1981)

de la bombe

silk silk (1988)

the persuasions chirpin' (1977)

the controllers clear view (1997)

lew kirton forever (2005)

narada michael walden sending love to everyone (1995)

bloodstone now..that's what i'm talkin about