samedi 30 mai 2009

septimus we want a piece of the pie (1982)500e

tres tres grosse galette tres dur a choper

brief encounter with sweet soul music (1988)tres rare

une mega bombe

charles jackson gonna getcha' love (1978)

charles jackson passionates breezes (1978)

paul kelly stand on the positive side (1977)tuerie

production gene page

chris mba love everlasting (1983)bombasse

leon patillo love around the world (1985) tuerie

leon patillo the skys the limit (1984) exelents

leon patillo live experience (1983) tuerie

larnelle harris from a servant's heart (1986) tuerie

larnelle harris touch me lord (1980) tuerie

bobby jones and new life another time (1984)tuerie

bobby jones and new life come together (1983)

sherman andrus i've got confidence (1974) tuerie

jessy dixon silent partner (1984) une bombe

jessy dixon sanctuary (1983)bombasse"

jessy dixon it's all right now (1978) tuerie

jessy dixon i know what prayer can do (1989) tuerie

patrick henderson this is love (1982) une bombe rare

mac & katie kissoon the two of us (1976)une bombe

mac & katie kissoon sugar candy kisses (1976)rare

the softones brand new day (1979)rare exelent

dimanche 17 mai 2009

new york city soulful road (1974) rares

philadelphia sound

new york city i'm doin'fine now (1973)

philadelphia sound

henry jackson again & again (1982)magnifique

tres rares

mike barnes i like it here (1980)tres tres rares

une bombe

ray simpson tiger love (1978) tuerie


a special blend nowhere but up...(1984) tres rares

une tuerie

sue ann sue ann (1981) une bombe

tres tres rares

ulisses ulisses (1983)rare une tuerie

donna & andrew best it's never too late (1982) tres rare

une bombe

the duncans gonna stay in love (1981)tuerie

force of nature force of nature (1974)tres rare

philadelphia sound une bombe

lanier and co dancing in the night (1987)tuerie