lundi 4 mai 2009

the love machine love power (1979)tuerie

1 the love machine staying power
2 the love machine caught in the motion of love
3 the love machine shakedown
4 the love machine make me the love of your life
5 the love machine faces in the crowd
6 the love machine new york paranoia
7 the love machine eye games
8 the love machine you want it,you got it
9 the love machine love and peace

hinton battle untapped (1986)tuerie rare

A1 Super Cautious Girl
A2 Keep It Confidential
A3 Is It Too Late
A4 Hungry For Love
A5 Here Is My Heart
B1 Physical Habit
B2 Ev'ry Night
B3 Mind Of Its Own
B4 Slow Down

larry williams the resurrection of funk (1978)rare tuerie

anne le sear tasty (1984) tuerie

lee garrett heat for the feets (1976) tuerie

geater davis "better days" (1983)tres rares tuerie

robin beck street talk (1979) rare vocale luther vandross

1. Sweet Talk
2. Dream
3. Suddenly
4. Hold on
5. Little Devil
6. Shake it Through the Night
7. Hello, It's Me
8. Hot Nights (Party Lights)

dizzy k.traffic jammer (1985)250e tres rare nigeria

dizzy k. in color (1987)200e tres rare nigeria

indigo love is the best (1982)exelent lp funk

montana presents PSW (2000)geant

vincent montana jr this one's for you (2000)

tres rare magnifique

vincent montana jr presents philly classic featuring denise montana (2005)

tres tres rare cd

shock nite life (1983)

shock waves (1982)

shock shock (1981)

shock electrophonic funk (1980)

the brothers don't stop now (1976)excelent

brothers -disco soul (1975)excelente compil