vendredi 12 décembre 2008

mass production turn up the music (1981)

mass production firecrackers best of

mass production mass production (1983)

mass production in a city groove (1982)

mass production massterpiece (1980)

mass production in the purest form (1979)

mass production three miles high (1978)

mass production believe (1977)

mass production welcom to our world (1976)

rose royce fresh cut (1986)

rose royce perfect lover (1989)

rose royce music magic (1984)

rose royce music magic (1984)

rose royce stronger than ever (1982)

rose royce jump street (1981)

rose royce greatest hits (1980)

rose royce golden touch (1980)

rose royce rainbow connection iv (1979)

rose royce strikes again (1979)

rose royce in full bloom (1977)

rose royce car wash ,(1976)

rose royce the best of

vernon burch when i get back home (1977)

vernon burch love_a_thon (1978)

vernon burch playing hard to get (1982)

vernon burch steppin' out (1980)

vernon burch get up (1979)

vernon burch i'll be your sunshine (1975)

wilton felder gentle fire (1983)

wilton felder inherit the wind (1979)

wilton felder we all have a star (1978)

windjammer windjammer 3 (1985)

windjammer windjammer 2 (1983)

windjammer windjammer (1982)

first choice ain't he bad: (2002)

first choice so let us entertain you (1976)

first choice the player (1975)

first choice hold your horses (1983)

first choice delusions (1977)

first choice breakaway (1980)

first choice "armed and extremely dangerous"(1975)

atlantic starr atlantic starr(1978)

atlantic starr radiant (1980)

atlantic starr secret lovers the best of (1986)

atlantic starr love crazy (1991)

atlantic starr all in the name of love (1987)

atlantic starr straight to the point (1979)

atlantic starr as the band turns (1985)

atlantic starr legacy (1999)

atlantic starr yours forever (1983)