vendredi 19 décembre 2008

gene chandler your love looks on me (1983)

gene chandler here's to love (1981)

gene chandler '80 (1980)

gene chandler when you're #1 (1979)

gene chandler " get down" (1978)

gene chandler situation (1970)

gemini rising (1982)

gaston chocolate cholly's (1981)

gaston my Quenn (1978)

frank dana lover (1982)

flavor in good taste (1977)

el coco revolucion (1980)

el coco dancing in paradise (1978)

el coco cocomotion (1977)

el coco let's get it together (1976)

el coco mondo disco (1975)

el coco brazil (1975)

the undisputed truth smokin' (1979)

the undisputed truth method to the madness (1976)

the undisputed truth higer than high (1975)

the undisputed truth cosmic truth (1975)

the undisputed truth 'down to earth (1974)

the undisputed truth law of the land (1973)

the undisputed truth the undisputed truth (1971)

the undisputed truth face to face with the truth (1971)

mtume native son (1985)

mtume theater of the mind (1986)

mtume you me and he (1985)

mtume juicy fruit (1983)

mtume in search of the rainbow seekers (1980)

mtume kiss this world goodbye (1978)

the dramatics whatcha see is whatcha get (1972)

the dramatics dramatics live (1978)

the dramatics what a shame (1975)

the dramatics positive state of mind (1989)

the dramatics the drama v (1976)

the dramatics dramatically yours (1975)

the dramatics stone cold (1990)

the dramatics 10 1/2 (1980)

the dramatics the dramatics way (1980)

the dramatics do what you wanna do (1978)

the dramatics the new dimension (1982)

the dramatics joy ride (1976)

the dr'amatics us the dells (1974)

the dramatics shake it well (1977)

the dramatics somewhere in time (1986)

the dramatics any time any place (1979)

the dramatics jackpot (1975)

the dramatics a dramatics experience (1973)