jeudi 4 décembre 2008

jeffrey osborne emotional (1985)

jeffrey osborne stay with me tonight (1983)

jeffrey osborne jeffrey osborne (1982)

joe thomas here i come (1977)

joe thomas make your move (1979)

joe thomas get in the wind (1978)

joe thomas feelin's from within (1976)

joe thomas masada (1975)

joe thomas joy of cookin' (1974)

joe thomas sweet cocoa (1976)

joe thomas is the ebony godfather (1972)

joe thomas comin' home (1970)

kashif condition of the heart (1985)

kashif kashif (1989)

kashif kashif (1983)

kashif send me your love (1984)

kashif who love you (1998)

kashif love changes (1987)

kashif music from my mind (2003)

kashif the best of

keni burke you're the best (1982)

keni burke nothin'but love (1997)

keni burke keni burke (1977)

keni burke changes (1981)

caroline crawford my name is caroline (1978)

caroline crawford nice and soulful (1979)

blair night life (1978)

brian and brenda supersonic lover (1977)

alton mc lain & destiny more of you (1980)

alton mc lain & destiny gonna tell the world (1981)

alton mc clain & destiny it must be love (1979)

whispers whispers in your ear (1979)

whispers this kind of lovin' (1981)

whispers love story (1972)

whispers and the beat goes on (1979)

whispers so good (1984)

whispers planets of life (1973)

whispers open up your love (1977)

whispers one for the money (1976)

whispers love for love (1983)

whispers happy holidays to you (1979)

whispers love is where your find it (1982)

whispers just gets better with time (1987)

the whispers imagination (1982)

the whispers headlights (1978)

the whispers "bingo"72.74.

the reflections love on delivery (1976)

the impressions the young mods'forgotten story (1969)

the blackbyrds flying start (1974)

the blackbyrds the blackbyrds (1974)