mercredi 10 décembre 2008

gavin christopher one step closer (1986)

gavin christopher gavin christopher (1979)

gavin christopher gavin christopher (1975)

latimore i'll do anything for you (1983)

latimore good time man (1984)

latimore every way but wrong (1986)

twennynine just like dreamin' (1981)

twennynine with lenny white (1980)

twennynine best of friend (1979)

sherrick sherrick (1987)

magnetic touch falling in love with a dream (1977)

the batiste brothers band freeze (1982)

pure energy party on (1980)

chew see the light (1983)

bobby nunn second to nunn (1982)

bobby nunn private party (1983)

black blood chicano (1975)

passage passage (1981)

linx the last linx (1983)

linx intuition (1982)

linx go ahead (1981)

johnny gill johnny gill (1983)

fats gaines band presents zorina (1983)

cashmere let the music turn you on (1983

cashmere cashmere can i(1984)

williams bell passion (1986)

janice barnett janice (1975)

chops chops (1984)

charles good for ya (1989)

chas no better love (1985)

champaign modern heart (1983)

champaign norman in flames (1984)

champaign how "bout us" (1981)

chameleon chameleon (1979)

chain reaction indebted to you (1977)

cecil lyde stone free (1980)

cecil parker chirpin' (1980)

casual t prescription for love (1983)

bugatti & musker the dukes (1982)

bruce fisher red hot (1977)

bridge crying for love (1980)

bobby glover bad (1984)

fat larry's band the best of

fat larry's band tune me up

fat larry's band lookin' for love (1979)

fat larry's band "feel it" (1977)

fat larry's band stand up (1980)

fat larry's band spacin' out (1978)

fat larry's band straight from the heart (1983)

fat larry's band off the wall (1978)