mercredi 3 décembre 2008

the mighty clouds of joy cloudburst (1981)

van jones time has made me new (1981)

bill labounty livin'it up (1982)

leroy burgess antology 2 (1982)

leroy burgess antology 1(1980)

loog loog (1981)

lee mc donald sweet magic (1979)

leon bryant finders keepers (1984

leon bryant mighty body hosty tosty (1981)

eddie holman i love you (1970)

eddie holman a night to remember (1977)

willie hutch sexalicious (2002)

willie hutch making a game out of love (1985)

willie hutch ode to my lady (1975)

willie hutch in & out (1982)

willie hutch fully exposed (1973)

willie hutch the mark of the beast (1975)

willie hutch the mack (1973)

willie hutch foxy brown (1974)

willie hutch soul portrait (1969)

willie hutch in tune (1978)

willie hutch midnight dancer (1979)

willie hutch havin'a house party (1977)

willie hutch concert in blue (1976)

willie hutch color her sunshine (1976)

willie hutch season for love (1970)

don covay travlin in heavy trafic (1976)

destination from beginning to end (1979)

chantal curtis get another love (1979)

crown heights affair sure shot (1980)

crown heights affair i got somethin'for ya (1982)

crown heights affair dreaming a dream (1975)

crown heights affair dance lady dance (1979)

crown heights affair do it your way (1976)

crown heights affair (1974)

crown heights affair struck gold (1983)

crown heights affair dream world (1978)

collins & collins top of the stairs (1980)

first class coming back to you (1977)

first class going first class (1977)