samedi 21 mars 2009

the love machine love power (1977)

tuerie de lp

ruth mc fadden (1971)exellent

carolyn crawford it takes two to make one (1975)

carolyn crawford good and plenty (1975)

carolyn crawford if you lose (1975)

carolyn crawford just got to be more careful (1975)

bobby bennett bumble bee (sting me) 1975

jean-claude t.the bicentennial poet (1976)

tres tres rare pour les amoureux de la philadelphia sound

dap sugar willie from north philly (live) 1976

tres tres rare philadelphia sound tuerie

johnny williams shall we gather by the water (1972)

tres rare pour les amoureux de la philadelphia sound tuerie lp

randy brown check it out (1981)rare et exellent

jeudi 5 mars 2009

karen pree you stepped into my life (1977) une perle

the blue notes moving up with (1977)tres rare

groupe de harold melvin

the blue notes the truth has come to light (1977)tres rare

groupe de harold melvin

eddie horan love the way you love me (1978)


family brown imaginary world (1977)

family circle love bound (1976)tres rare


family circle family circle (1973)

silk "smooth as silk" (1976)cd

silk silk (1977)cd

silk midnight dancer (1979)cd

son philadelphia sound

black heart jigsaw (1977)

chain reaction indebted to you (1977)

the ethics golden "philly" classics (1975)cd

superbe son philladelphia

the topics wanted live! by a million girls (1976)tres rare