mardi 9 décembre 2008

oscar perry moods of the man (1980)

instant funk get down with the philly jump (1976)

instant funk instant funk (1979)

instant funk with doctor (1979)

instant funk V (1983)

instant funk looks so fine (1982)

instant funk kinky (1983)

instant funk the funk is on (1980)

shirley jones always in the mood (1986)

dr.martin luther king jr.the "selma" album (1976)

dr.martin luther king why i oppose the war in vietnam (1970)

martin luther king keep the dream alive (1973)

garland green jealous kind of fella (1978)

garland green love is what we came here for (1980)

garland green garland green (1983)

philippe wynne philippe wynne (1983)

lenard lidell afternoon affair (1983)

firefly version maxi mix

firefly firefly (1980)

firefly double personality (1984)

firefly 3 (1982)

gene dunlap peaceful day (2005)

tired of being a nice guy (1982)

gene dunlap party in me (1981)

gene dunlap it's just the way i feel (1981)

fantastic four alvin stone (1975)

fantastic four bring your own funk (1978)

fanrastic four got to have your love (1977)

fantastic four night people (1976)

cecil holmes orchestra a toast to the 70' (1981)

cecil holmes the black motions (1973)

cecil holmes music for soulful lover (1973)

gene page blacula (1972)

gene page brewster mc cloud (1970)

gene page hot city (1974)

gene page love starts after dark (1980)

gene page loveloock! (1976)

gene page close encounter (1978)

fred parris & the black satins i'll remember u

black satin featuring fred parris (1976)

fred parris & the satins fred parris & the satins (1982)

montana orchestra merry christmas (1978)