samedi 29 novembre 2008

starpoint have you got what it takes (1990)

starpoint hot to the touch (1988)

starpoint sensational (1987)

starpoint restless (1985)

starpoint it's all yours (1984)

starpoint it's so delicious (1983)

starpoint all night long (1982)

starpoint starpoint (1980)

starpoint wanting you (1981)

starpoint keep on it (1981)

swade back to the funk (2006)

thomas g dance on the groove (2003)

thomas g eighties (2006)

lonie liston smith dreams of tomorrow (1983)

la charanga ain't no stopping us now (1976)

force of nature unemployment blues (1976)

mfsb funkin sonofa bitch (1970)

mfsb (1973)

mfsb summertime (1976)

mfsb mysteries of the world (1980)

mfsb the gamble .huff orchestra (1978)

mfsb philadelphia freedom (1975)

mfsb universal love (1975)

mfsb love is message (1974)

the tymes trustmaker (1974)

tymes turning point (1976)

tymes nonly your love (1976)

the o'jays when will i see you again (1982)

the o'jays travelin' at the speed of thought (1977)

the o'jays super bad (1971)

the o'jays the year 2000 (1984)

the o'jays love you to tears (1997)

the o'jays imagination(2004)

the o'jays (1970)

the o'jais survival (1975)

the o'jays so full of love (1978)

the o'jays ship ahoy (1973)

the o'jays cllectors items

the o'jays together we are one (2004)

the o'jays super hits

the o'jays comin'through (1965)

the o'jays my favorite pearson (1982)

the o'jays message in the music (1976)

the o'jays love fever (1985)

the o'jays love and more (1984)

o'jays let me touch you (1987)

the o'jays in philadelphia (1970)

o'jays identify yourself (1979)

the o'jays heartbreaker (1993)

the o'jays family reunion(1975)