jeudi 18 décembre 2008

stephanie mills stephanie mills (1985)

stephanie mills movin'in the right direction (1975)

stephanie mills love hass lifted me (1982)

stephanie mills for the first time (1976)

stephanie mills something real (1992)

stephanie mills home (1987)

stephanie mills if i were you woman (1986)

stephanie mills i've got the cure (1984)

stephanie mills merciless (1983)

stephanie mills tantalizingly hot (1982)

stephanie mills stephanie (1981)

stephanie sweet sensation (1980)

stephanie mills what cha gonna do with my lovin' (1979)

la brumfield i want to be you babe (1983)

maze back to basics (1993)

maze golden time of day (1978)

maze live in los angeles (1986)

maze joy and pain (1980)

maze inspiration (1979)

maze can't stop the love (1984)

maze silky soul (1983)

maze we are one (1983)

maze live in new orleans (1981)

maze featuring frankie beverly (1977)

mandrill getting in the mood ((1980)

mandrill energize (1982)

mandrill new worlds (1978)

mandrill we are one mandrill (1977)

mandrill solid (1975)

mandrill beast from the east (1975)

mandrill mandrilland (1974)

mandrill just outside of town (1973)

mandrill composite truth (1973)

mandrill is (1972)

mandrill mandrill (1970)

major lance the best of

major lance the major's back (1982)

major lance now warning (1976)

magic lady magic lady (1981)

magic lady hot "n" sassy (1982)

madagascar spirit of the street (1981)

luther vandross never too much (1981)

luther vandross greatest hits

luther vandross smooth love (2005)

luther vandross your secret love (1996)

luther vandross always & forever (1982& 1983)

luther vandross stop to love (2005)

luther vandross songs (1994)

luther vandross shine (2006)

luther vandross power of love (1991)