mercredi 7 janvier 2009

the fish that saved pittsburgh thom bell & bobby eli (1979)

david ruffin gentltman ruffin (1980)

david ruffin so soon we change (1979)

david ruffin in my stride (1977)

david ruffin everythings coming up love (1976)

david ruffin who i am (1975)

david ruffin me & rock 'n roll are here to stay (1974)

david ruffin st (1973)

david ruffin david ruffin (1971)

david & jimmy ruffin the ruffin brothers (1970)

david ruffin my whole world ended (1969)

dee dee sharp gamble dee dee (1980)

dee dee sharp gamble what color is love (1977)

dee dee sharp gamble happy bout the whole thing (1975)

ingram night stalkers (1984)

ingram would you like to fly (1983)

ingram that's all! (1977)

ronnie jones games (1980)

ronnie jones lookin' for action (1976)

k.i.d. fine time tonight (1982)

k.i.d. don't stop (1981)

mandré m3000 (1979)

mandré mandré (1977)

hot chocolate hot chocolate (1971)

willie mitchell listen dance (1981) magnifique lp