samedi 11 avril 2009

spiritual concept spiritual concept (1973)

chocolate milk friction (1982)

chocolate milk blue jeans (1981)

chocolate milk hipnotism (1980)

chocolate milk milky way (1979)

chocolate milk we're all in this together (1977)

chocolate milk comin' (1976)

chocolate milk chocolate milk (1976)

chocolate milk action speaks louder than words (1975)

rockie robbins rockie robbins (1985)

rockie robbins i believe in love (1981)

rockie robbins you and me (1980)

rockie robbins rockie robbins (1979)

la voyage all night affair (1982) cd une bombe

cornelius brothers and sister rose greatest hits (1976) decoifant

cornelius brothers and sister rose big time lover (1973) terible

cornelius brothers and sister rose (1972)une bombe

damion & denita damion & denita (1980) tres rare une bombe

charles drain dependable (1976)une bombe tres rare

phyllis hyman sing a song (1978)terible & rare

patti boulaye music machine (1979)terible

patti boulay patti (1983) exelent lp

patti boulaye magic (1981) exelent lp

patti boulaye you stepped into my life (1978)

exelent lp

patti boulaye patti boulaye (1976) exelent

marlena shaw acting up (1978)superbe lp avec le fameux i'm back for more