dimanche 30 novembre 2008

pockets take it on up (1978)

pockets catch me (1979)

pockets come go with us (1977)

(1982)the live band "a chance for hope"

it's your turn (1983)

i wantcha back (1981)

delegation (1981)

the promise of love (1977)

delegation (1980)

eau de vie (1979)

deuces high (1982)

circustantial evidence (1987)

heartbreak (1984)

the look (1983)

friends (1982)

three for love (1982)

go for it (1981)

big fun (1979)

disco garden (1978)

uptown festival (1977)

melba moore this is it! (1976)

melba moore look what you're doing to the man (1971)

melba moore closer (1980)

melba moore peach melba (1975)

melba moore soul exposed 1990)

melba moore i'm in love (1988)

melba moore a lot of love (1986)

melba moore never say never (1983)

melba moore burn (1979)

melba moore a portrait of melba (1977)

melba moore this is it (1976)

melba moore melba (1976)

melba moore i got love (1970)

melba moore you stepped into my life (1978)

melba moore the other side of the raibow (1982)

melba moore what a woman needs (1981)

bunny sigler & barbara mason (1977)

sharon redd love how you feel (1983)

sharon redd (1980)

sharon redd formerly of the harlettes (1978)

sharon reed redd hott (1982)

shirley & company shame. shame. shame (1975)

van mc coy hard to find beats

van mc coy & friends dancin' (1978)

van mc coy a woman called moses (1978)

van mc coy lonely dancer (1979)

van mc coy diso baby (1975)

van mc coy love is the answer (1974)

van mc coy my favorite fantasy (1978)

van mc coy and his magnificent movie machine (1977)