lundi 15 décembre 2008

carrie lucas still in love (1982)

carrie lucas horsin' around (1985)

carrie lucas street corner symphony (1978)

carri lucas portrait of carrie (1980)

carrie lucas in danceland (1979)

carrie lucas simply carrie (1977)

booker newberry 3 love town (1982)

bon rock bon rock (1982)

bobby wilson i'll be your rainbow (1975)

the bob crewe generation street talk (1976)

blackman blackman (1982)

bill brandon bill brandon (1977)

bo & ruth bo & ruth (1975)

bill wolfer wolf (1982)

alan sorrenti la & ny (1979)

autumn arrival (1984)

anthony white could it be magic (1979)

apollo apollo (1979)

andy gibb shadow dancing (1978)

anacostia anacostia (1977)

angelo bond bondage bondage (1975)

anthony watson solid love affair (1985)

thunderstorm thunderstorm (1981)

tony valor orchestra love has come my way (1979)

the williams brothers feel the spirit (1983)

the williams brothers brother to brother (1982)

jackson sisters jackson sisters (1976)

the imaginations i love you (1975)

the imaginations good stuff (1974)

es bee family peace of mind (1979)

oc smith love changes (1982)

oc smith together (1977)

oc smith dreams come true (1980)

oc smith at home (1970)

oc smith love is forever (1979)

oc smith la la peace song (1974)

the fatback band featuring bah samba spanish hustle (2005)

the fatback band street dance (2000)

the fatback band so delicious (1985)

the fatback band greatest hits (1985)

the fatback band phoenix (1984)

the fat back band is this future (1983)

the fatback band on the floor with fatback (1982)

the fatback band tasty jam (1981)

the fatback band gigolo (1981)

the fatback band hot box (1980)

the fatback band 14 karat (1980)

the fatback band xii (1979)

the fatback band brite lights/big city (1979)

the fatback band fired up 'n' kickin' (1978)