mercredi 28 janvier 2009

clarence carter let's burn (1980)

joe bourne hold on to what you've got (1982)

joe bourne it all comes back (1977)

tony sherman and the sherman brothers (1976) lp

santiago walking the voodoo nights (1980)

une bombe

general johnson the music (1987)

general johnson success (1980)

general johnson general johnson (1976)

west wing (1975) prod:mr barry white

santiago mr:love (1977)

the impressions impressions (1977)

gonzalez watch your step (1980)

turi cette album

gonzalez move it to the music (1979)

gonzalez haven't stopped dancin' (1978)

gonzalez our only weapon is our music (1975)

gonzalez gonzalez (1974)

the selma album (1976)