mardi 16 décembre 2008

linda clifford greatest hits

linda clifford my heart's on fire (1985)

linda clifford here's my love (1978)

linda clifford linda (1977)

linda clifford sneakin' out (1984)

linda clifford let me be your woman (1979)

linda clifford i'll keep on loving you (1982)

linda clifford & curtis mayfield the right combination (1980)

linda clifford "i'm yours' (1980)

linda clifford if my friends could see me now (1978)

charme let it in (1979)

charles veal only the best (1980)

charles veal believe it (1981)

"leo's sunshipp we need each other (1978)

leon patillo the skys the limit (1984)

eighties ladies ladies of the 80s (1980)

kwick foreplay (1983)

kwick to the point (1982)

kwick kwick (1980)

denroy morgan i'll do anything for you (1982)

clifford coulter the better part of me (1980)

the boppers the boppers (1978)

la boppers make mine bop! (1982)

la boppers la boppers (1980)

la boppers bop time! (1981)

chapter 8 chapter 8 (1979)

chapter 8 this love's for real (1985)

chapter 8 forever (1988)

cheryl lynn in the night (1981)

cheryl lynn instant love (1982)

cheryl lynn in love (1979)

cheryl lynn cheryl lynn (1978)

cheryl lynn preppie (1983)

cheryl lynn whatever it take (1989)

cheryl lynn it's gonna be right (1985)

cheryl lynn start over (1987)