lundi 13 juillet 2009

phil & brenda nicholas back to basics (1991)

phil & brenda nicholas more than music (1985)

phil & brenda nicholas dedicated (1985)tres rares

phil & brenda nicholas a love like this (1988) tres rares

phil & brenda nicholas fired up (1995)tres rares

chill-fac-torr chill fac-torr (1983)tres rares

peabo bryson paradise (1980)tres rares

young girls in motion (1980)tres rares

vivian reed another side (1978) tres dur a choper

variation variation (1977)magnifique

guardian angel woman at the well (1980)introuvable

vivian reed brown sugar (1976)dynamite

tres tres rares

wally badarou back to scales to-night (1980)

rechercher par beaucoup de personnes

bobby bland i feel good i feel fine (1979) tres rechercher

une dynamite

yoshino fujimal girls in love me (1982)bombasse

char char (1976)cd superbe cd

j.j.barnes sara smile (1978) tres rechercher

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donna & andrew best it's never too late (1982)

mizuki koyama angel's dream (1984)tres rares


michael on and the book of live of live love will rise (1981)


ojeda penn all is one (1983)tres rechercher

geater davis "better days" (1983)tres rechercher

une bombe

phyllis hyman sing a song (1978)tres rechercher

major harris how do you tank your love (1978)

une bombe

eddie & the movement time is running out (1976)


sue ann sue ann (1981) magnifique

barry white by pat jefferson(1979)

sur aucun blogs

king errisson king errisson (1980)introvable

exelente reprise de mr.barry white

paradise can't you see light (1989)superbe lp

cornelius bros and sister rose big time lover (1973)

tres tres rechercher

cornelius brothers and sister rose(1972)tres rechercher


wilson pickett i want you (1979)tres rechercher


the peoples choice still in love with you (1982)une bombe

sassafras sassafras (1978)introuvable une folie

sur aucun blogs

lanier and co dancing in the night (1987)bombasse

anne le sear tasty (1984) tres grosses bombes

hinton battle is it too late (1986) lp entier

harry booker let got arise (1980)tres tres rares


a special bland nowhere but up ...(1984)tres rechercher

indigo love is the best (1982) tres rechercher

retta young young and restless (1976) tres rechercher

larry williams the resurrection of funk (1978)

mega bombe

paramour highly recommended (1979)tres rares

une bombe